The Beginning.

Knowing yourself is a lot more than writing an about me on a social media site. Sure, summing it up in a few sentences is a lot easier but does that mean it’s really you? Is that who you really are? Or s that just what you want society to depict you as?

I’m told finding yourself is a process; a never-ending one, that is. It starts when you’re young and you’re asked what your favourite color is. Is it the one everyone expects? Or one that people deem as ugly. Then, your parents start buying everything you like in that particular color until you get tired of it. Then what? You just pick a new one? Maybe that color connected you with your best friend in early grade school, maybe it helped you find a passion for something you never thought you would, or maybe it became to mainstream and you’re so over it. Is it time to let go?

There’s more to a person than their favourite color or a tv show they’re obsessed with but how can you get to know that person if you don’t even know yourself? When someone asks you to describe yourself where do you start? Is it with that tv show? Is it with adjectives? Stories that depict who you are? Whatever it may be you may see yourself in a different light than others would. To one, you could be a kind soul but the lady in the market you accidentally ran into might think differently. But what if she knew the real you? Would she have treated you any different?

Whatever it may be about you that’s different, or the same, it is YOU. I do want to learn more things about myself though. So, this is the start of my journey to digging inside of myself, and having new experiences. I hope you all will join me in this process. Hopefully learning things about yourself as well.

Until next time,

– Jenna


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